New Class Internet Video Delivery

Nextream were tailored for bridging the needs to deliver High Quality Video Content over Internet un-managed network. Its efficient solution is unique and fulfill the optimum requirement in support critical mission in delivering video over the “internet jungle”.

Nextream platform is fully capable to deliver OTT system and expand the possibility to deliver video into places that were not touched by Fiber or private network cables. Combining high quality hardware in software based platform; Nextream is truly a stable and reliable tool to make the mission completed.

Excellent Video Quality

High quality video are streamed beautifully to the end point. Whether its IP output or SDI output. The video is stable and able to cache the jitter from the Internet network. Thanks to Nextplay technology that support the plugin.

Low Latency Video Delivery

Nextream is able to deliver the video with very low latency up to 300 ms. This superior latency provide LIVE video will be more powerful and more realistic.


  • High efficient Solution for any professional video delivery over internet
  • Stable High quality video delivery over unmanaged Network
  • Support HD, SD and 4K video over Internet
  • Bitrate delivery from 0.3 Mbps to 10 Mbps
  • Flexible and Expandable solutions, form up to one input and output to virtually unlimited input and outputs in simple compact 1U rackmount.


Wide range audio format
  • Bitrate : 64 - 384 Kbit/sec MPEG audio
  • Sampling : 48 KHz
  • Compression : MPEG Audio layer 1 or 2. AAC Audio Uncompressed PCM. Windows Media Audio. Dolby Digital (AC3)
  • MPEG2 : MPG or M2P - Program Streams. M2T or TS - Transport Stream (SPTS and MPTS)
    OpenDML AVI and WAV (mono and stereo). QuickTime. MXF. GXF
  • MPEG1 : MPG - System Stream
  • H.264(/AVC/MPEG4 part10) : TS - Transport Stream (SPTS - MPTS)
Wide range video format
  • Compression : MPEG2,WMV/VC1 - MPEG1 - MPEG4 - AVC/H.264 - JPEG200 - AVCIntra – Apple ProRes 422 - DV - HDV - DVC Pro - DVC Pro50 - DVCPro HD
  • Format : PAL - NTSC - 1080i HD - 720p HD - 1080p HD
  • Bitrate :
    1 - 15 Mbit/sec in MPEG2 MP@ML. 10 - 50 Mbit/sec in MPEG2 422p@ML
    1 - 80 Mbit/sec in MPEG2 MP@HL. 25 Mbit/sec with HDV and DV
    up to 80 Mbit/s MPEG2 HD HP@HL. up to 40 Mbit/s AVC/H.264 Baseline/Main